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Changelog 4.5

· 2 min read

GET Company List
You do have now the possibility to sort the company list by the corresponding company id. The default sorting mechanism is descending now.

GET Reach Enhancement Segment List
Segment Overviews do now have an information if the segment is a customized one. At the moment this is important for customized SEA campaigns, that are not using pre-defined category taxonomies.

GET Admin Workspace Setting
PUT Admin Workspace Setting
Workspace Settings do now contain settings for the self service ui that is connected to the white label domain of the ui. In here you can define now the default language for all the users that are getting registered via the self-service ui.

GET Global Search
Our global search functionality is now sorting search results by the similarity of the search (defined by the filter query parameter) and the name of the found data set.

GET Grouped Google Attributes
On Company level you do have now the possibility to get an overview of the available google attributes. This overview groups those attributes for all your locations in the company by the main category of the location and their country. It also includes a stata that says if the locations do have different values (PARTIAL), all of their values are the same (ALL) or if there not attributes available at all (NONE).

PUT Google Attributes
You are now able to set google attributes for multiple locations at once. Those locations need to be located in the same company, the same country, and they need to be assigned to the same main category.