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Authentication methods

There are currently two ways to authenticate yourself to the markee system. The deprecated way of using basic auth and the one via OAuth.


If you want to use OAuth you need to generate a bearer token with your credentials, which will be valid for a certain amount of time. This token can be used as the token in the Bearer header.

For authentication, you need to use one of the following urls, depending on your use case.




The default realm, everyone can use, is: mark_ee
Depending on your user account you may need another realm, but you will get noticed upfront if it is the case.

You need to send via a POST method the following data using a x-www-form-urlencoded body:

  • grant_type : password
  • client_id : login
  • username : {{ your username or email }}
  • password : {{ your password }}

In the response you will get the access_token and also additional information. For example how long this token is valid.

Basic Auth

At the moment we are still offering the way to authenticate yourself via basic auth.
THIS AUTHENTICATION IS MARKED AS DEPRECATED. We highly recommend not to use it anymore.

To use it you need to send the basic auth headers in each request.

Authorization: Basic xxx

Where xxx stands for a Base64 encoded string, containing your username and password, concatet like this: